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2022 Tackle Football Coaches




William Hawkes


Preston Rosenhan


Justin Harvey


Jack Yontz


John M. Moschouris


6U5, 6
8U7, 8
10U8, 9, 10
12U10, 11, 12
14U12, 13, 14

** A child's age as of July 31st is his/her age for the season. **

The tackle football season begins on August 1st. The first two weeks of the season are conditioning practices. Please expect practices to be held Monday through Friday during conditioning. Most teams will then go to 4 days a week after conditioning has been completed and then drop to 3 days a week after the  Labor Day holiday. The practice times and days are set by each team's head coach.

 **For the first week of practice, football players are required to wear gym shorts, t-shirt, cleats, mouth guard, and helmet only. Pads will be added once players have completed the required conditioning hours set forth by Mid Florida. **

** All paperwork MUST be turned in BEFORE any child is permitted to begin practice or receive their equipment. **

If you are Interested in joining the HYFC football coaching staff, please contact the Football Commissioner at: [email protected]

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